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Denise Todd BSc MPhil FMCA-Family Mediator
Denise Todd BSc MPhil FMCA-Family Mediator

I hold the highest level of family mediation accreditation (FMCA) and have conducted many hundreds of successful mediations over the last 8 years, supporting families to resolve disputes about children, property and finance. I am qualified to consult directly with children in the mediation process. My membership organisation is the Family Mediators Association.

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“Mediation works… rather than go through the confrontational and stressful experience of going to court…do it in the least damaging way for everyone involved, especially children…use the excellent mediation services available to agree a way forward, rather than have one forced upon [you].”
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About Pathway Mediation

I dedicate myself to providing you with the best possible expertise and support at the time you need it most. What have I learned over more than 20 years working in the family justice system?

Divorce and Separation is one of the most intensely stressful experiences a family will ever face.

It’s normal to feel angry, upset, fragile or confused. This is why my focus is to help you to think through the options available to you in a calm, caring, and confidential setting. I will support you to identify your desired outcomes, the barriers you anticipate, and strategies you can employ to reach fair outcomes.

Over and above the convenience, I have found that online mediation significantly reduces stress within sessions. You won’t need to physically face your ex-partner and you will be in a place of your choice where you feel safe and comfortable.

People often feel overwhelmed, but most are able to find a way through with the right support.

You are the expert when it comes to your children, property and finance. My role is to provide you with the best possible support to focus on decisions about your future and the best interests of your children. I will provide you with the structure, tools and information you need to approach your decision-making in a logical and future-focused way. I will encourage you to take legal advice and your legal costs should be significantly reduced by engaging in mediation.


About Pathway Mediation

Parents are the best decision makers when it comes to children arrangements.

My experience is that parents both want the best for their children, even if they don’t agree upon what ‘the best’ is. Separation brings with it a shift in roles. Your task is to ‘build a bridge’ for your children that protects them from conflict and enables them to have the best possible future relationship with each of you. I will support you to identify issues, goals, boundaries, and communication strategies in your relationship as separated parents. Your decisions for the future care of your children will be formally recorded in your Parenting Plan.

You are best placed to understand what’s a fair financial settlement and what you need for the future.

Imbalance in financial knowledge between separating couples is common, especially where one person has been the primary financial manager. You will move at a pace that’s right for both of you until you each become ‘your own expert’. I employ a structured approach to provide you with the information, resources and support you need. I will actively encourage you to take legal advice; my experience is that this saves you money by helping you negotiate within a sensible range. At the end of the process, you will receive the documents you need to obtain a legally binding outcome via a Consent Order.

About Pathway Mediation

Mediation Works!

Those who pursue ‘their day in court’ often incur considerable cost and delay and are not fully satisfied with the outcome. Court is a necessary intervention for some families, but for most people, mediation is a much more effective, cheaper, quicker and less stressful option. Mediation is flexible and puts you in control. My experience is that it attains fair financial settlements and the outcomes for children are better. These are just some of the reasons to contact me for a free, confidential, no obligations discussion.