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The Family Mediation Voucher Scheme is a time-limited scheme to encourage more people to use mediation to resolve their family law disputes outside court

A financial contribution up to £500 towards the costs of mediation is available to eligible cases.

From 1st April 2021 Pathway Mediation is authorised by the Family Mediation Council (FMC) to take part in the scheme.

At your first session, or MIAM, I will assess whether or not your issues are suitable for mediation and are eligible for the voucher scheme. Note, if neither of you are eligible for Legal Aid you will have to pay for the MIAM

For more information, please complete my contact form

Going through a separation or divorce? Not sure which way to turn? I can help you.

Online mediation from the comfort and convenience of your own private space.


  • Saves time and money (free if you qualify for Legal Aid)
  • Reduces stress and conflict
  • Puts you in control
  • Avoids court
  • Gets successful outcomes for you, your children, and your finances

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Tel: 07377 193223

Welcome to Pathway Mediation - helping you through divorce and separation
Denise Todd BSc MPhil FMCA-Family Mediator

Denise Todd BSc MPhil FMCA-Family Mediator

I hold the highest level of family mediation accreditation (FMCA). Having worked in the family justice system for over 20 years, I have conducted many hundreds of successful mediations. 

I will expertly support you to resolve disputes about children, property and finance. 

Aware of the stressful housing problems separating families can face, I donate £3 from every referral to the homelessness charity, Shelter.

“I will give you expert support when you need it most, and at a competitive price.”

Contact me for a free, confidential no-obligations call-back or please complete the referral form“ 

Pathwqy Mediation offers a dedicated online mediation

Online Mediation...

I offer a dedicated on-line service. Don’t worry about the technology; you need only a phone or computer and an internet connection.

I have everything in place to support you, no matter how limited your technical skills. Online Mediation Services from £90 per person per hour. Free if you qualify for Legal Aid

Child Arrangements

Child Arrangements...

Mediation can help you agree on the details of how you’ll look after your children, such as where they live, time spent with each parent and child maintenance. 

The average cost is £280 per person (free if you qualify for legal aid) set against several thousand for those settled via court. Mediation has high success rates and is vastly quicker than court proceedings: just a few weeks.

Property and Finance

Property and Finance...

It can feel overwhelming but I have the expertise to support you to a successful resolution that is significantly quicker and cheaper than the alternatives.

The average cost for Property & Finance mediation is £700 per person (free if you qualify for legal aid), compared to many thousands for non-mediated or court based settlements.

Covid-19 Information
As all mediation appointments are delivered online, the service is entirely Covid-safe.
For more information about Covid-19 and my online service, click here.

All charges are inclusive of VAT. Please click here for more information.

  • Free initial confidential consultation.
  • Online Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting from £90. Free if you qualify for Legal Aid.
  • Online mediation Services from £90 per person. Free if you qualify for Legal Aid.

Out of hours service available on request.

“Mediation gave us an opportunity to have an adult conversation, which has felt impossible for a while now. I feel we are on much more amicable terms as adults and co parents. Thank you for all your help, Denise. I don’t think we could have got to this point if we hadn’t attended”

CB – Child Arrangements

Thank you very much for your hard work in this matter… D is incredibly pleased with the outcome… I wish to pass on her thanks. She explained how skilled and sensitive you were throughout the process… she will personally recommend you to anyone who is in a similar situation”

Solicitor for D – Property and Finance